Finlaid OÜ as an environmentally conscious and cost-effective production, has commissioned a detailed resource use audit to comprehensively evaluate our current resource use and find ways to produce with maximum conservation of natural resources.

Support from the KIK for energy and resource audits

In 2019 Finlaid OÜ received a grant within the framework of the measure “Energy and resource efficiency of companies”, “Performing energy and resource audits”, which will implement the project “Finlaid OÜ detailed energy and resource audit” in the period 01.06.2019.

Finlaid OÜ carries out detailed energy and resource audits of its production processes as part of the project. The purpose of the project is to raise the awareness of the company about its resource use and identify measures to make it more efficient. The project will result in a detailed final audit report which will also include the information required in the scope of the comprehensive audit.

Support from the EIC for making resource efficiency investments

Finlaid OÜ received support from the EIC from the sectoral program of the circular economy of the environmental program (environmental management sub-program) in the amount of 336,392.24 euros, which will be used to implement the project “OÜ Finlaid resource efficiency investment” in the period July 2020 to November 2022.

The aim of the project is to invest in the renewal of a band saw and planer bench and in the automation of sorting and packing. As a result of the investment, it is possible to increase the production volume by at least 33% and reduce the specific costs of the production process by 5.9% per product unit. As a result of the project, resource productivity will increase by 3.53%, resource use by 5.92% and cost efficiency will be 8.45.

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