About Us

Founded in 2002, Finlaid OÜ is a wood plaining company operating in Sangaste, Valga county, Estonia, what is manufacturing and selling construction and finishing materials made of nordic softwood.

We process spruce and pine wood. Our main products are interior and exterior siding, floorboards and decking boards. We package the products in shrink-wrap or in bundles, according to the specified order. Any wood chips produced during processing are compressed into high energy-content wood briquettes. Most of our products are exported to various foreign markets in Europe and Asia. In cooperation with our partners, we can also supply painted and impregnated wood products, manufactured using dipping techniques or pressure impregnation.

Our main customers are house factories, dealers, builders and private customers. We deliver most of our raw materials from Finland and Estonia. In addition, we also use lumber from Latvian and Swedish sawmills. We are able to supply our customers swiftly and flexibly. For that purpose, we maintain a stock of most popular finished products, and a stock of sawn timber. Having been in business for more than 10 years, we have accumulated plenty of knowledge and experience to offer our customers whatever they need and sometimes more than that.

We produce construction and finishing materials made of nordic sawn wood!